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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I just need a quick quote over the phone. Can you do that? 2018-05-31T23:45:50+00:00

A.  Every vehicle has unique qualities. It is important for our technicians to personally inspect your vehicle, in order to recommend the right services. Age of the vehicle, how long you intend to keep it, its overall condition, and, of course, your budget all factor into forming the best practice recommendations.

Q. Is my vehicle safe to drive after an accident? 2018-05-31T23:49:20+00:00

A.  If you aren’t sure, err on the side of caution and do not drive it! Have the vehicle towed directly to a collision repair center. If you are not sure which body shop will perform the repairs, the vehicle will be towed to a tow yard until you are able to decide on a shop. Any damage caused by driving the now-compromised vehicle will not be considered part of the original loss. Protect yourself and your claim — when in doubt, don’t drive.

Q. Do I need to pay for towing? 2018-05-31T23:59:02+00:00

A.  When an accident occurs, towing is often covered as part of the loss. The towing charges will be included in the collision center estimate and submitted to the insurance company. If the repairs are being paid directly by you, towing charges will be reflected in your written estimate.

Q. Does my insurance company pay for repairs or do I? 2018-05-31T23:51:06+00:00

A.  Many people decide to pay directly for repairs instead of running it through insurance. High deductibles and rising rates lead many to pay out of pocket for minor repairs. Our center will discuss a variety of options with you, should you decide to pay out of pocket. We maintain solid relationships with many insurance companies as well and are happy to work with them on your behalf.

Q. What do I do if my insurance company gives me a list of body shops? 2018-05-31T23:51:39+00:00

A.  Your insurance company may work closely with body shops in the area, but you have the right to choose any shop — even one not on the list. Be sure that you understand the body shop estimate and that you are comfortable with the business.

Q. Do I need to get collision repair estimates from several shops? 2018-05-31T23:52:34+00:00

A.  Pick the repair shop you want to work with and ask for a written estimate. Multiple estimates from several shops are not necessary, unless your insurance company requires it.

Q. Do I have a choice in choosing shops for auto body repairs? 2018-05-31T23:53:24+00:00

A.  Absolutely! Your car, your choice. Your insurance company may give you a suggested list of collision centers they often work with, but ultimately the shop that performs the repairs is your choice.

Q. I’m worried about my new car warranty. If I choose an independent collision repair shop instead of a dealership, will my warranty be void? 2018-05-31T23:54:14+00:00

A.  No! The overall warranty for your new car is protected by law, however certain portions of the work done on your vehicle may now be subject to the collision shop’s warranty.

Q. When do I pay my deductible? 2018-05-31T23:55:04+00:00

A.  Once your repairs are completed, you will pay your deductible to the collision center that performed the work. Check with your insurance company and/or the collision center specialists for help.

Q. If I file a claim to pay for repairs, will it raise my insurance rates? 2018-05-31T23:57:54+00:00

A.  This is a question for your insurance company. There are many factors that go into determining insurance rates after an accident: fault, extent of loss, policy details, etc. If you are concerned about your rates increasing, you can still have your vehicle repaired on your own. Please consult with the collision center for help.

Q. Should I file a claim with my insurance company or with the other driver’s insurance company? The accident was the other driver’s fault. 2018-05-31T23:58:36+00:00

Please contact your insurance company to determine the best course of action. Generally, if the other insurance company admits fault and cooperates in paying for repairs, you collect directly from them. A rental car may be provided to you and you avoid paying any deductible. Your insurance agent should help you navigate the options.


Q. How long will my repair take? 2018-06-01T00:00:08+00:00

A.  Our collision center has a system to keep repairs in progress moving forward at all times. Times can vary greatly depending on the severity of the damage. We will be able to give you an estimate on repair time once our technicians have blueprinted your car.

Q. What happens if there is more damage than originally thought? 2018-06-01T00:00:48+00:00

A.  It is quite common for technicians to find additional damage to the vehicle once the repair process has begun. The collision center will contact you or your insurance company for authorization to complete any repairs not originally indicated on the estimate.

Q. If the frame is bent, will my car be totaled? 2018-06-01T00:01:30+00:00

A.  Not necessarily. Collisions often result in minor to severe frame damage, but modern body shops are equipped to handle complex repairs. An experienced technician working with state of the art equipment can work wonders — our collision center will gladly look at your vehicle and give you a written estimate for repairs.

Q. How will my car drive after repair? 2018-06-01T00:02:19+00:00

A.  The vehicle is repaired to factory specifications and tolerance using our state-of-the-art frame machine and software and then realigned. When you pick it up, the vehicle will drive just as well as it did before the collision.

Q. I don’t understand repair terms. What do they mean? 2018-06-01T00:03:17+00:00

A.  Every industry has jargon and collision repair is no exception. We’re always happy to explain anything you don’t understand — just ask. A few standard terms are:

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

LKA – Like, Kind, And quality or used.

Aftermarket (AM) – parts that are reproduced for a vehicle by a company other than the original manufacturer. (We carefully select quality aftermarket parts to avoid substandard manufacturers.)


Q. How exactly can you match the color? 2018-06-01T00:04:08+00:00

A.  Whether your vehicle sports a custom color or a factory finish, our color matching system is incomparable. Our technicians are highly skilled in the color matching process.

Q. Why are there no color samples on the website? 2018-06-01T00:04:45+00:00

A.  Due to the differences in monitors, tablets, and phones, there is no way to accurately match colors online. The best way to find the perfect match is with the practiced eye of a professional technician at our collision center.

Q. Is overall painting better than spot painting? 2018-06-01T00:05:30+00:00

A.  It very much depends on the type of repair necessary and the age of the vehicle. Overall painting, which restores the entire surface, often increases the value of older vehicles and combats depreciation. However, newer vehicles fare better with spot painting. Our color matching system results in seamless repair and protects the value of a newer vehicle. Our service experts can guide you to the right choice for your application.

Q. Will a difference in paint color be noticeable? 2018-06-01T00:06:24+00:00

A.  In addition to careful color matching, our process applies the color to the vehicle in a way that blends into the surrounding area with no noticeable trace.

Q. Can the vehicle color be changed? 2018-06-01T00:08:53+00:00

A.  Absolutely, but it can be time-consuming and costly. Areas like the trunk lid, doors, and hood take extra care during painting, adding to the expense. Most of the time it’s better to stick with the same color.

Q. What is clearcoat? 2018-06-01T00:21:56+00:00

A.  The clearcoat is a protective, finishing layer of pigmentless paint applied over the basecoat. It provides the shiny gloss layer that protects the basecoat from the elements. The basecoat seems deeper and maintains a “wet” look with properly applied, and cared for, clearcoat. Our technicians will explain the proper maintenance required.

Q. My car has rusted spots that I’d like to remove — will it reappear? 2018-06-01T00:22:42+00:00

A.  Our experienced technicians make every effort to repair and restore your vehicle’s appearance. It is possible to sandblast affected areas, apply specialized primer to combat continued corrosion, and paint to match the original finish.